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Documentary / Sports (2004) 63 minutes ~ Color

Omen Productions, one of the premiere companies for ski and snowboard films, presents a killer skiing video directed by the energetic Itai Nemovicher. The movie features six of the region's most hard core, up-and-coming professional skiers performing stunts and showing off their own personal skiing styles. For Shawn Sullivan, Jimmy Busher and Sean Carey, some of the skiers in Grounded, skiing is all about having fun. In an effort to find the natural highs only nature and big air can offer, the athletes huck themselves off a 50 ft cliff, slide down their neighbors rail and jibb in the park.

Grounded was shot at back country locations in Cordova, Alaska and the Tahoe mountain region in California and Nevada. Visit some of the best and most popular ski resorts and catch big air in this winter travelogue that's sure to enthrall powder enthusiasts. Stops include Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Squaw Valley (which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1960), Mammoth Mountain and Cordova, where viewers won't just stick to tried-and-true terrain but will also explore back country haunts, jump off nerve-racking cliffs, ride the rails and more.

Director: Sean Patrick Crowell

Stars: Jimmy Busher, Sean Carey, Shawn Sullivan

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