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Greg Grainger - Miracles From The Wildside

Greg Grainger - Miracles From The Wildside

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Documentary (2003) 55 minutes ~ Color

Miracles from the Wildside examines the many instances around the world in which animals, including dolphins, horses and rabbits, are used to dramatically improve life for disabled humans. By establishing an unusual rapport with these long-suffering individuals, the animals often enable and facilitate substantial leaps forward on physical, emotional and psychological levels, thus elating and gratifying the subjects and their families. The program begins with an exploration of dolphin therapy - wherein autistic children swim with bottlenosed dolphins, and consequently experience significant behavioral advancements. The film then moves into a glimpse of physically disabled subjects learning to ride horses, segues to an account of small animals used to bring joy and peace to young HIV sufferers in Los Angeles, profiles a Hollywood attorney who relies on a large macaw to help him overcome basic medical issues, and witnesses specially-trained "wonder dogs" who can help handicapped people do everything from opening the refrigerator to dialing 911.

Stars: Greg Grainger


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