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Greg Grainger - Heavenly Hawaii

Greg Grainger - Heavenly Hawaii

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Documentary (2003) 52 minutes ~ Color

With his travel documentary Heavenly Hawaii, naturalist and voyageur Greg Grainger unveils the mystery and wonder of the Hawaiian Islands with a trip through the many venues of that majestic locale. Throughout this journey, Grainger's overarching purpose involves learning as much as possible about the ancient cultures and traditions of Hawaii - traditions that began to undergo a great resurgence in the early years of the 21st Century. The program begins with a Festival of the Arts event on Maui, replete with the rituals and ceremonial feast of the hula; it then finds Grainger flying a helicopter over Kauai in search of waterfalls and cliffsides featured in the film Jurassic Park, witnesses Grainger night diving with manta rays and horseback riding with Hawaiian cowboys, and joins Grainger on a sailing cruise through whale-filled Oahu waters.

Stars: Greg Grainger


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