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Greg Grainger - Australia's Deadliest Destinations - Vol. 6

Greg Grainger - Australia's Deadliest Destinations - Vol. 6

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Documentary (2008) 54 minutes ~ Color

Producer/presenter Greg Grainger has documented chilling stories of assault and escape, from the bushfires that destroy and devastate, to the tiny but lethal ants of Tasmania, the venomous snakes of eastern Australia, to the killer crocodiles of the Kimberley. The series reveals landscapes - from deserts to coral reefs, from snow-fields to wetlands - filled with venomous creatures. It follows the characters who live and work in these death zones and how they handle these killers.

•BUSHFIRES: Experience fires first-hand alongside a team of firemen. Some of the most devastating bushfires in Australian history ..Amazing stories of survival.

•JACK JUMPER ANTS: The tiny but deadly Jack Jumper Ants of Tasmania. Victims of the highly venomous sting, along with experts who get stung for a living.

•COFFS HARBOUR SNAKES: A deadly red bellied black snake slithers up the pants of a wrangler.

•KIMBERLEY CROCODILES: Catching crocodiles in the Kimberley including the croc which jumped too high and too swift to lock its jaws around the cameraman's camera.

Stars: Greg Grainger


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