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Greg Grainger - Australia's Deadliest Destinations - Vol. 4

Greg Grainger - Australia's Deadliest Destinations - Vol. 4

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Documentary (2008) 51 minutes ~ Color

Featuring the most remote and forbidding landscapes, lethal creatures and death-defying stories of survival. Producer/presenter Greg Grainger has documented chilling stories of assault and escape. The series reveals landscapes - from deserts to coral reefs, from snow-fields to wetlands - filled with' venomous creatures. It follows the characters who live and work in these death zones and how they handle these killers.

•DAINTREE - CROC GRANNY: Australia's Top End is home to an ever increasing population of salt water crocodiles. We re-create the attack on 60-year old grandmother, Alicia Sorohan, who wrestled a 4.2 metre crocodile to save the life of a family friend and almost lost her arm.

•EXMOUTH- BUSHBOY: The rugged North West Coast of Australia is home to some of the most brutal of cyclones. We talk to the victims of one of the worst, Cyclone Vance. And we watch how aggressive emus can be, as trapped emus are captured to be released back into the bush.

•FIGHTING KANGAROOS: The dangerous side of an Australian icon, the kangaroo. We talk to a boy who was almost killed by a kangaroo while playing golf.

•SEAL ROCKS: We follow shark experts, Ron and Valerie Taylor, through the most vicious shark attacks, to the preservation of one of Australia's most endangered sharks, the Grey Nurse Shark.

Stars: Greg Grainger


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