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Greg Grainger - Australia's Deadliest Destinations - Vol. 2

Greg Grainger - Australia's Deadliest Destinations - Vol. 2

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Documentary (2008) 55 minutes ~ Color

Visit the most remote and forbidding landscapes. come face to face with lethal creatures and hear death-defying stories of survival on the worlds largest island. Australia. Producer/presenter Greg Grainger has documented chilling stories of assault and escape; from deadly crocodiles, to amazing stories of survival in the worst of thunderstorms. From the killer Cassowaries of North Queensland, to the aggressive Tasmanian Devils, and a near death experience with Jaws. The series reveals landscapes - from deserts to coral reefs, from snow-fields to wetlands- filled with venomous creatures. It follows the characters who live and work in these death zones and how they handle these killers.

Stars: Greg Grainger


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