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Grainger's World - Inferno

Grainger's World - Inferno

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Documentary (2008) 42 minutes ~ Color

Inferno is a fast-paced one-hour docu-drama about a team of fire fighters and their many fires and rescues. Exclusive access means the camera team follow the fire fighters into the midst of major emergencies, resulting in a very real anddramatic coverage at the heart of the crisis.

Producer/Narrator Greg Grainger follows the team from C Platoon Blacktown for several months through the most extreme fires, recruit training and risky rescues. The program starts at an oil refinery in Port Kembla, where a malfunction has triggered a raging inferno in a 14 million litre storage tank, filled with ethanol. Foam dumps from the giant Ericson Air Crane are unsuccessful, with the crew from Blacktown called in - along with 150 other fire fighters - to try to quell the blaze.

We also follow a new recruit to the platoon, former flight attendant Sandy Warner, as she goes through an intensive training course including high speed exercises in a 15-tonne fire truck, extinguishing a raging car fire and rescuing victims trapped inside a burning building. Other dramas include a house burning out of control, wild bushfires and a semitrailer which has crashed into a suburban house. Inferno climaxes with a factory fire at Yennora where two workers have been reported missing. The fire is out of control and 8 units have been called to the site. The Blacktown platoon arrive at the heart of the attack in lightning speed, working for hours until the fire is extinguished.

Stars: Greg Grainger


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