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Grainger's World - Hunter Magic

Grainger's World - Hunter Magic

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Documentary (2007) 49 minutes ~ Color

The "Hunter" at the heart of Greg Grainger's documentary Hunter Magic is, contrary to expectation, not an animal or human predator but a geographic region: Australia's Hunter Valley. With its majestic, rolling hills, multi-thousand acreage of vineyards and olive farms, and carnival of unique leisure activities, the Hunter Valley qualifies as one of its continent's great unsung treasures and has drawn many comparisons to Tuscany.

This program both takes in the beautiful scenery and tours some of the delights ready and waiting for visitors here, including grape-harvesting at Tyrells Vineyard, a kangaroo who spends his mornings waking up sleeping tourists, dynamic jazz festivals, an Old West-style cattle drive, and much, much more.

Stars: Greg Grainger


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