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Grainger's World - Danger Down Under

Grainger's World - Danger Down Under

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Documentary (2008) 52 minutes ~ Color

Several death-defying Australians who spend their days grappling with lethal indigenous animals are profiled in the nature documentary Danger Down Under. Subjects include Jacqui Adams-Maher, whose chief hobby involves amassing and milking venomous arachnids; Adam Britton, who harbors a passion for wrestling with massive salt-water crocodiles, ophiophilist John Weigal, whose specialties are handling the terrifying tiger snake and brown snake; and Rodney Fox, whose brush with death at the hands of a Great White Shark failed to deter him from leading successive diving expeditions with that species.

Director: Greg Grainger

Stars: Adam Britton, Jacqui Adams-Maher, John Weigal, Rodney Fo


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