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Graffiti Verite' 1

Graffiti Verite' 1

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Documentary /Drama / Family (1995) 45 minutes ~ Color

The highly respected, multi award winning documentary film Graffiti Verite examines graffiti art from the perspective of those who create and appreciate it. The film follows 24 different artists from Los Angeles as they demonstrate their graffiti technique and discuss the roots and meanings of graffiti art.

Bob Bryan's award-winning documentary reveals the underground world of the urban art from. Candid interviews and open discussions with the artists provide insight into the link between graffiti, ritualistic hieroglyphics and cave paintings, as well as how graffiti functions as a form of street propaganda and public art gallery. GRAFFITI VERITE discusses the spraypaint medium as a serious form of public art that is connected to the larger history of cultural expression.

Director: Bob Bryan

Writer: Bob Bryan

Stars: Asylm, Chaz Bojorquez and Bruin


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