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Goliath And The Dragon

Goliath And The Dragon

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Action (1960) 88 minutes ~ Color

A monstrous prehistoric beast lurks deep within a cave. It’s one of many fearsome creatures, including flying bat-men and a fire-breathing three-headed monster, that dwell in a hellish underground labyrinth. The evil tyrant King Eurystheus, plans on using this demon-spawn to destroy Goliath, the immortal warrior. The king has stolen a precious gem and hidden it in the cave, hoping to lure Goliath to his doom. When Goliath escapes unharmed, Eurystheus abducts the beautiful princess and chains her up in the dragon lair. Goliath now must confront the gigantic beast in order to save the woman he loves.

Director: Vittorio Cottafavi

Writers: Marcello Baldi (screenplay and story) and Nicolò Ferrari (screenplay and story)

Stars: Mark Forest, Broderick Crawford


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