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God's Game

God's Game

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Thriller (2009) 87 minutes ~ Color

God created Man.. Man created Computer.. Computer took over!

Seven hostages wake up in one creepy room after they where captured and chloroformed. They have collars around their necks and get electrocuted when they won't obey the orders received from outside. They have to play death games. The winner have to kill the looser. Are they all gonna die? Who set this up?
Well, we are going to find out at the end when we will see an amazing twist of the story.

At least that is what the writer imagined, but the director have limited tome to bring the story to life on film.

Creativity collides when the show must go on.

A must see movie!

Director: George Anton

Writer: George Anton and Robert O'Connor

Stars: Annabelle Bourlet, Wesley Claggett and Chaz Fatur

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