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Ghost of the Brotherhood

Ghost of the Brotherhood

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Documentary / Religious/Faith Based (2006) 60 minutes ~ Color

In the heart of medieval York, at one of the most notoriously haunted sites in all of England, Philip Gardiner, Michael Bourne, and Angela Davis set out with a group of ghost hunters to investigate a legend that has terrified the locals for ages. Incredibly, a camera was rolling the entire time, capturing unexplainable images that terrified all involved. These images will challenge everything you ever thought you knew about the afterlife. A blood-curdling treat for supernatural enthusiasts with an open mind and a curiosity to find out what truly awaits us on the other side, Ghosts of the Brotherhood is best viewed with the lights on and the curtains drawn.

Director: Philip Gardiner

Star: Philip Gardiner, Michael Bourne, Martin Jeffrey and Angela Davis



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