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Get Yourself A College Girl

Get Yourself A College Girl

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Comedy / Musical (1964) 87 minutes ~ Color

The administrators of Wyndham Girl's College believe their institution is the model of traditional values, proper decorum and girl's deportment. There is however a thriving underground movement at the college of rock music. When the administrators learn just prior to the Christmas break that one of their students, Terry Taylor, is a renowned rock music songwriter using the pseudonym Joanie Harper whose songs contain seductively feminist lyrics, they have to decide how to deal with Terry, an otherwise academically bright student, and this possible scandal to the school. Meanwhile, many of the students head to Sun Valley for the Christmas break. Among those at the resort are the college's benefactor, Senator Hubert Morrison, who is conflicted between what he believes is Terry's immoral stance and courting the youth vote through their unofficial leader Terry, and Gary Underwood.

Director: Sidney Miller

Writer: Robert E. Kent

Stars: Mary Ann Mobley, Joan O'Brien and Nancy Sinatra



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