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Geek Mythology

Geek Mythology

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Comedy (2008) 81 minutes ~ Color

Friends, Tim and Steve could not be more different. Tim is a geek. Steve is a suave musician with a beautiful girlfriend who has everything going for him. Inspired by the sexual prowess of his upstairs neighbor, Tim adopts a simple and demented approach to serenity - having sex with beautiful women. He doesn't take into account one major setback - women think he's a bumbling idiot. When Tim discovers that the secret to success with women lies in the possession of a mystical statue, his luck changes... for the worse. The statue is attracting Steve's girlfriend, among others. Tim is really caught in a mess. Laughs abound as Tim sorts out his predicament and finds success by looking in the one place he never expected to find it... in himself.

Director: Phil Hwang

Writer: Phil Hwang

Stars: Gregg Martin, Joy Boden and Dave Gist


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