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Gateways to the Otherworld: Quantum Mind of God - Part 2

Gateways to the Otherworld: Quantum Mind of God - Part 2

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Documentary / Religious/Faith Based (2007) 60 minutes ~ Color

This audiobook provides the answer to the most profound question mankind has been asking itself for as long as there has been consciousness: is there life after death?

We discover that a technique exists with which we can all travel and journey to "other realities" that exist within us. Through the science of quantum physics, Gardiner shows that ancient man was far more advanced than we previously believed. The author actually undergoes his own experiments to prove the point.

Is there a universal frequency so perfect that it allows the mind to travel into other realms? Did our ancestors know of this special harmony? How does all this relate to the holographic universe and the concept of quantum entanglement? Does the Great Pyramid hold a real secret to the quantum realm? Are there ancient methods of healing that would benefit mankind?

In an all-encompassing work, the author uses the science of the day in conjunction with the most ancient of teachings, bringing them into current-day reality.

Director: Philip Gardiner

Writer: Philip Gardiner

Star: Philip Gardiner



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