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Gardiner's World Series 2

Gardiner's World Series 2

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Documentary (2009) 110 minutes ~ Color

Welcome to Gardiner's World Series 2 - the new alternative TV show where you'll find interviews with some of the most knowledgeable guests on earth, discussing a wide range of subjects that include History, Religion, Ancient Mysteries and all things Esoteric and Occult.

Filmed exclusively in the UK for Edge Media TV (Sky) this DVD includes special interviews with Professor Hugh Montgomery, Philip Coppens, Nick Ashron and Brian Mayne.

You'll learn about newly discovered, exciting facts from the experts. In this special DVD edition, you'll hear never before revealed information on the God Kings of Europe and Royal bloodlines descended from Jesus; you'll learn about techniques to improve your mind, body and soul and you'll discover the latest research regarding the pyramids of the world.

World renowned author and filmmaker, Philip Gardiner, delves deep into these fascinating subjects. Join us now on a unique journey into the heart of our ancient past.

Director: Philip Gardiner

Stars: Philip Gardiner, Professor Hugh Montgomery, Philip Coppens, Nick Ashron, Brian Mayne


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