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G-Unit: Bullets Can't Touch Us

G-Unit: Bullets Can't Touch Us

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Music (2008) 60 minutes ~ Color

From the streets to money and power, 50 Cent has brought together a crew that rivals all past and present crews. G-Unit has amassed a following that generates electricity that the group uses to infiltrate all sets and consciousness. Their bad boy rap sheet against authority blows the minds of law enforcement world wide. Toney Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck solidify the teams "Get Rich or Die Tryin" attitude to the fullest extreme with their explosive rhymes and hustle. With the bullet proof vest 50 Cent garners to paint a portrait of their "Most Wanted" label surrounding the crew, it is a most true moniker that all agree in the rap community. G-Unit adds members to the crew at an alarming rate. Are they the most talented of all-time. Wu-tang, Terror Squad, Dipset, is there any to step up and take the crown from these talented artist? Money, Power, Respect, let's keep it right. G-Unit, are they the most talented of all time? "Bullets Can't Touch Us."

Stars: Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Tony Yayo


G-Unit - Bullets Can't Touch Us by crazedigitalmovies

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