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From Hell To Victory

From Hell To Victory

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Action / Drama (1979) 100 minutes ~ Color

George Peppard stars a Brett Preppon in a gripping tale of a man torn between war and friendship. On August 24, 1939, at a small French cafe, six friends are about to go their separate ways- and vow to reunite on that day each year at the cafe. However all end up going in directions they never imagined. One joins the French resistance, one the French commandos, and another is forced to join the Nazi party. This is an Action packed tale of six men, torn by the loyalty they feel and duty they must serve.

Director: Hank Milestone

Writers: Umberto Lenzi (story), Anthony Fritz (screenplay), Gianfranco Clerici (screenplay and story) and José Luis Martínez Mollá (screenplay and story)

Stars: George Peppard, George Hamilton and Horst Buchholz


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