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Fraidy Cat

Fraidy Cat

Ref: 1070

Price: $4.98 / 3.59


Animated / TV Series Format (1975) 56 minutes ~ Color

Fraidy Cat has used up eight of his nine lives. He is trying to live his final life very carefully, but if Fraidy utters any number from one through eight, a feline ghost will appear and cause trouble for him. To make matters worse, Fraidy can never say the number nine, or he'll be chased by a thundercloud full of lightning bolts!

Director: Don Towsley

Writer: Michael O'Connor

Stars: Alan Oppenheimer and Lennie Weinrib

This DVD includes:

1.) Meaner Than A Junkyard Cat, 2.) Cupid The Cat, 3.)Over The Wall Having A Ball, 4.) Feline Fortune, 5.) This Cat For Hire, 6.) The Not-So-Nice Mice, 7.) Love Is A Many Feathered Thing, 8.) Choo Choo Fraidy, 9.) Magic Numbers


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