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Foul Wind - A Fart Face Fiesta!

Foul Wind - A Fart Face Fiesta!

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Comedy (2003) ~ Color

The concept is simple: Find pretty girls who enjoy having farts blown in their faces – or at least those who will accept a paycheck for being on the ass-end of things, so to speak.

Porn veteran Ron Jeremy shows up as judge for the contest and relates a funny story about what can happen when porn stars have gas on a shoot.

One of the funnier segments has the host going to a town hall meeting at the Los Angeles City Hall to try to have May 7th declared as “Fart Day” with all the Pomp and Circumstance given to other “Day” declarations. The City Council looked unaffected during his presentation. His pleas apparently fell on deaf ears because he then takes to the streets asking people to sign his petition to lobby for this day.

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