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Forever Yours

Forever Yours

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Horror / Drama (2011) 80 minutes ~ Color

Two intertwining stories of a group of people dealing with their loved ones being attacked by zombies. One won't accept the loss, while the other seeks revenge on every undead creature she can hunt. Josh plans to propose to his girlfriend, Kate. His plans go off track and even further from what he planned when they encounter a group of survivors from a zombie attack. They soon find themselves held in siege in a basement surrounded by a horde of zombies. While this is happening, Patti must witness her boyfriend and roommates killed by the undead. Patti arms herself with a machete and goes on the hunt for revenge against every creature she can find. Flashbacks give light to how her life and the lives of those she lost were interrupted. And her path becomes laid out in blood.

Director: Larry Rosen

Writer: Larry Rosen

Stars: Emilie Crigler, Daniel Pietruszka and Debbie D


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