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Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign Exchange Students

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Adult (2011) 58 minutes ~ Color

From steamy Asian sexpots to Russian bad girls, enjoy an international array of hot naked action! These horny hotties are in America for the first time and can't wait to strip down and show us how wild they can get! When we saw that Svetlana had a condom and a spare pair of panties in her purse, we knew she came to the club looking to get down. But even we couldn't believe how wild this horny Russian girl got once the cameras came on! Marika is a stunning blonde from Finland. She looked intimidating, but once she got on the bus she stripped down and showed us just how friendly she was. We always thought British girls were prim and proper until we met these two hot sisters on Spring Break in Cancun. They took us back to their hotel room and told us all their dirty secrets completely naked! And if sweet young Jewish girls are what you're into, you've got to meet Louisa. After streaking in the hallway of her Vegas hotel, she took us back to her room and showed us how she got off playing with her favorite toy. And it's not a dreidel! You won't believe how far these foreign exchange students will go! Don't miss the sizzling non-stop sex. Raw, real and completely uncensored. It's Girls Gone Wild: Foreign Xchange Students!