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Foo Fighters - Guardian Angels

Foo Fighters - Guardian Angels

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Documentary/Music (2005) 76 minutes ~ Color

Attempting to pick up where Nirvana left off, Dave Grohl and his ever changing line up were doomed to failure upon the release of their debut in 1995. But Grohl was always more than a drummer and his Foo Fighters were a band on an immediate mission to prove themselves. Five albums, numerous singles and a string of awards down the line, it seems the Foos have nothing left to prove.

This is their story! Foo Fighters: Guardian Angels is the first DVD documentary to chart the swift rise of this phenomenal band and its charismatic front man. Tracing their roots to the Washington DC punk scene of the mid 1980s, when Grohl drummed in a series of locally successful hardcore bands, through his days in Nirvana and the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, via his struggles with the Nirvana legacy and onto the huge success of the Foo Fighters today. This documentary goes behind the scenes to reveal the truth about this extraordinary band.

This is the first biography of Foo Fighters. Includes previously unseen concert footage of Grohl's early bands and rare Foo Fighters footage. Numorous rare photographs, many frim private collections also included along with a host of other features.


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