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Flip The Frog

Flip The Frog

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Cartoons / Family (1930-1933) 60 Minutes ~ Black & White and Color

On this DVD you will find a collection of the best cartoons starring Flip the Frog. Flip the Frog was created by UB Iwerks back in the 1930's and was the first cartoon to introduce everyone's favorite little critter, Mickey Mouse. UB Iwerks was also responsible for creating the Silly Symphony cartoons. This DVD features eight of the most classic cartoons starring Flip the Frog. So pop this disc in your DVD player, sit back and enjoy some of the best cartoons ever made.

DVD Contents:

1) Ragtime Romeo, 2) What A Life, 3) The Bully, 4) Funny Face,
5) Movie Mad, 6) The Cuckoo Murder Case, 7) Stratos Fear, 8) Chinaman's Chance


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