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Flip A Coin

Flip A Coin

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Comedy (2004) 95 minutes ~ Color

Flip a Coin, a hip film about modern young Londoners was a hit at the Brooklyn Independent and British Independent Film Festivals. Philip and Casper are two East-London flatmates. The two friends make up a perfect “Swingers” team who shrub aside most important decisions in their lives to focus on womanizing. But when French beauty Marie enters their lives, things drastically change. There is something about Marie, and both Philip and Casper fall in love and enter into a fierce competition with each other, as both are willing to do anything to win over Marie, including committing a crime.

Director: David Flamholc

Writer: Tom Papperskorgen

Stars: Max Fraser, Eglantine Rembauville-Nicolle and Staten Cousins-Roe


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