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Drama / Thriller (2000) 82 minutes ~ Color

Jack Flinter, the “Flick”, is a small-time drug dealer drifting through Dublin’s club sin bins, getting to know the flipside of the Celtic animal first hand. He knows all the moves and all the shakes. But he’s bored. Getting restless, he loses his girlfriend and his friends are just a procession of hurried faces punctuating his time. Something must give. And it does. When an old friend shows up from Spain with a fresh drug addiction and a dangerous gang of criminals, the “Flick” gets drawn into a world of high crime. He becomes bait for the Dublin police interested in the capture of the new arrivals in this action drama proclaimed the gutsiest film to come out of Ireland in a while.

Director: Fintan Connolly

Writer: Fintan Connolly

Stars: David Murray, Isabelle Menke, David Wilmot