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Flavia The Heretic

Flavia The Heretic

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Drama / Horror (1974) 96 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Flavia, la monaca musulmana

Italy 1600: A convent of nuns are invaded by the Tarantula Sect on their annual pilgrimage. The cultists defile the place of worship, orgying in the chapel and desecrating the altar. One nun decides she can't take the religious oppression any longer and flees the convent upset that all the leaders are male.

Director: Gianfranco Mingozzi

Writers: Bruno Di Geronimo (screenplay), Raniero di Giovanbattista (story), Gianfranco Mingozzi (screenplay), Fabrizio Onofri (screenplay), Sergio Tau (screenplay and story) and Francesco Vietri (story)

Stars: Florinda Bolkan, María Casares and Claudio Cassinelli



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