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Comedy (2003) 95 minutes ~ Color

FLASH! is the story of eight very different people who go on a catalogue modeling trip from sophisticated Los Angeles to the secluded mountains of California.

The eight model/Adventurers include: Amelia, the jaded top model; Gary. The fashion photographer on the verge of a nervous breakdown; Nina; the Mid-Western innocent on her first trip; Fernanda, the omni-sexual supermodel; Ellie, the calm, sensible stylist; Alex, the shy camera assistant; and Steven, the classic smarmy client…or so they seem…

Sharing a beautiful chalet together, the cabin-mates discover a little bit about each other and themselves over the course of the ten-day spree. They fall in & out of love, party hard, and break hearts. Some will change their lives forever.

FLASH! Is a romantic Comedy with a twisted sensibility. The editing and the music play a huge part in accentuating the energy and chemistry on-screen. FLASH! Is extremely visual, flamboyant, outrageous and…flashy.

Director: Annabel Schofield

Writer: Annabel Schofield

Stars: Maria Celeste Genitempo, Guy Vieg, Milan Olejnik


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