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First Timers 2

First Timers 2

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Adult (2006) 52 minutes ~ Color

In this follow-up to the FIRST TIMERS, a second slew of spring chickens making their sexual debut manage to come off like a bunch of pros. Are they sure they've never done this before? Get a front-row lay of the land as these ladies explore their curvy terrain for the very first time.

Get to know Nicki and Noelle. Nicki likes the taste of Noelle's Neck, which turns her on! These two hot blondes make out, but then they pull an electric razor and vibe each other with it!

There's a time for every occasion, but nothing compares to the first time! Whether these girls are flashing for the camera or making out with their friends, you'll find the hottest action in Girls Gone Wild: First Timers 2!