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First Time Caller

First Time Caller

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Comedy (2002) 80 minutes ~ Color

Caesar thought it couldn't get any worse than his college sweetheart leaving the country to study abroad, but when she comes back engaged to another man, Caesar learns the true meaning of heartbreak. Surrounded by unsupportive and uninterested friends, Caesar seeks solace in a night-time radio talk show, and more specifically, the show's host. Julie hosts this college radio talk show where confused couples and desperate singles call up and complain about their love lives. Julie, who is in a passionless relationship of her own, gets the opportunity to dispense the advice she knows she should be taking. But when Caesar calls up her show, a spark is ignited. The trouble and fun begin when they flirt with the idea of turning their on-air relationship into an off-air romance.

Directed by: Alex Zavaglia

Starring: John Catucci, Catherine Rossini, Mike Nahrgang


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