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First Emperor of China

First Emperor of China

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The story of Ying Zheng, ruler of Qin, who conquered the neighboring states and declared himself "Qin Shihuang," First Emperor of China.

Qin Shihuang conquered six powerful warring states and, in 221 BC, declared himself emperor of all China. During his reign, he introduced sweeping reforms, built a vast network of roads and connected the Great Wall of China which to this day stretches over 2,400 kilometers.

The film includes the first documentary footage of Qin's life-sized terracotta army, constructed almost 2,200 years ago for his tomb. The imperial system he created has endured for thousands of years, proving to be the world's most durable political structure. From the inner sanctum of Emperor Qin's royal palace to fierce battles with feudal kings, this lavish historical drama re-creates the glory and the terror of the Qin Dynasty.

Directors: Tony Ianzelo, Liu Hao Xue

Writers: Wang Ji Cheng, Robert A. Duncan (narration written by) and Liu Yun Hui

Stars: Robert A. Duncan, Bo Guan Jun and Christopher Plummer (narrator)


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