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Fire Over England

Fire Over England

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Drama / Action (1937) 92 minutes ~ Black & White

Queen Elizabeth is running this show. The men in her court should be thinking about how to add to the glory of the Elizabethan Age and how to foil those pesky Spanish who got far too much influence in England when her older sister Mary was on the throne after their father Henry VIII was succeeded by their sickly half brother. Elizabeth thinks Michael Ingolby can do great things. Michael is mostly thinking about one of Elizabeth's ladies in waiting, Cynthia. Soon his mind is on survival when Elizabeth sends him on a voyage to Spain

Director: William K. Howard

Writers: A.E.W. Mason (novel), Clemence Dane (screenplay) and Sergei Nolbandov (screenplay)

Stars: Flora Robson, Raymond Massey, Leslie Banks, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh


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