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Finding Love Again

Finding Love Again

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Drama (1999) 82 minutes ~ Color

George is a homeless car salesman and a broken man. Shattered by the events in his past, he is unable to crawl into the present. A complete loser in his own mind, George is determined to find a way out, a way back to joy. Enter Joanna, a young, successful woman with a string of strangely pathetic ex-boyfriends. One day while eating breakfast, she sees George searching for a meal out of her neighborhood trash and is moved to leave him a bagel. George becomes confused by this small act of kindness and fantasizes that Joanna might be the woman that can help him reclaim his life. He leaves her flowers with a mysterious note. Joanna is completely thrilled by the flowers and the note. Logically thinking they've been left by Brian, her car mechanic or some other perfect fantasy lover she shares these thoughts with her best friend Lori. The thoughts and paths of George and Joanna keep crossing until a chance direct meeting brings them face to face.

Directed by: Graham Green

Starring: Jeff Nicholson, Juniper Perinton, Peggy Ann Lloyd


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