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Fiend Without A Face

Fiend Without A Face

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Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller (1958) 74 minutes ~ Black & White

An American military base in Canada is developing a missile control system based on nuclear energy and is facing problem with the people from the nearby town. When four locals, including the Mayor, are killed, Major Jeff Cummings (Marshall Thompson) is in charge of the investigation. When the coroner examines the one of the corpse, he finds that the brain and spinal chord was sucked out and Major Cummings defines the creature as a mental vampire. He looks for Prof. R. E. Walgate (Kynaston Reeves), a retired scientist that lives in town, and he discloses the scary secret.

Director: Arthur Crabtree

Writers: Herbert J. Leder (screenplay), Amelia Reynolds Long (original story "The Thought Monster")

Stars: Marshall Thompson, Kynaston Reeves, Kim Parker, Stanley Maxted, Terence Kilburn, James Dyrenforth, Robert MacKenzie



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