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Falling Like This

Falling Like This

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Drama (2001) 94 minutes ~ Color

Falling Like This is a drama set in 1980s California about young powerful love and the challenges that come with it. Two adolescents, Boyd (Brian Vaughan) and Katie (Megan Wilson) fall madly in love with each other. Boyd is a juvenile delinquent and Katie is a smart, pretty girl who is known for being a good girl who would never get in trouble. Boyd has a negative influence on her, being that is often on the run from the police for his drug use. Katie sees right through his bad side and falls head over heels for Boyd. Katie starts recognizing that she is being drawn into Boyd’s world of darkness and she knows that she must eventually give up her love for Boyd for her love for herself, but that is easier said than done. This 2000 drama winner of the Golden Starfish award shows the struggles of young love as two teenagers are trying to find a place in the world.

Director: Dani Minnick

Writer: Dani Minnick

Stars: Brian Vaughan, Megan Wilson and Elizabeth Ruscio