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Fallen Arches

Fallen Arches

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Drama / Thriller (1998) 100 minutes ~ Color

Fallen Arches follows street-smart Duke (Louis Ferreira) as he tries to save his younger brother from a mob boss' anger after the theft of his merchandise. Duke is trying to save up the money he earns as a bartender to send little brother Frankie (Carmine Giovinazzo) to college after their parents prove to be deadbeats. Frankie, trying to help the family, steals a shipment of 65 pairs of handmade Italian shoes, bound for Nicky "Cap" Kaplan (Richard Portnow). Nicky needs these shoes because of his deformed feet and he puts a hit out on Frankie. Duke teams up with former cop Charlie (Peter Onorati) to patch things up with the boss before Frankie ends up with a pair of concrete shoes. Ron Cosentino directs the 1998 crime drama that garnered the Silver Award at the 2000 WorldFest Houston for Independent Theatrical Feature Films - First Feature. Ferreira also won the best actor award for his role at the Chicago Alt. Film Fest in 1999.

Director: Ron Cosentino

Writer: Ron Cosentino

Stars: Carmine Giovinazzo, Louis Ferreira and Karen Black