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Facing the Fat

Facing the Fat

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Documentary (2009) 101 minutes ~ Color

Kenny Saylors, after years of being healthy and athletic, became severely overweight and after trying various diets decided to do something drastic about it. With the support of his Doctor, he decided to stop eating for 55 days, drinking only water.

Facing the Fat documents his journey, from the realisation that he had a physical and mental addiction to the chemicals in junk food, to the detox and repair that his body goes through during this record-breaking fast. It also looks at the wider implications of over-eating for the individual, society and the world at large.

Facing the Fat presents an entertaining and inspiring challenge but also makes the serious point, that obesity is not just a personal struggle, but one that has far reaching implications for us all.

Director: Kenny Saylors

Writers: Paul Allan Brunotto, Kenny Saylors and Sonia Woodfield

Stars: Kenny Saylors, Sonia Woodfield, L. Sullivan


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