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F.A.R.T.: The Movie

F.A.R.T.: The Movie

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Comedy (1991) 91 minutes ~ Color

Russell has two passions: watching television and farting! He also loves Heather. Heather HATES farting. The eternal triangle! One day she warns him, "if they ever allow farting on television, you'll never leave the house!" One evening he goes to sleep in front of the TV, and "it" happens. Virtually everything on TV is fart related, from sitcoms and commercials, to newscasts and dramas.

Director: Ray Etheridge

Writers: Robert Axelrod, Steven Banks, Ray Etheridge, Kathleen F. Doyle, Paul Goff, Rich Levier, Drew McWeeny, Scott Swan and Marcus Wooley

Stars: Robert Axelrod, Conrad Brooks, Kim Delgado


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