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Eyes In The Night

Eyes In The Night

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Drama (1942) 80 minutes ~ Black & White

The beautiful actress Barbara Lawry finds the lifeless body of her lover sprawled on the floor of his apartment and her stepmother hiding in the shadows. Pleading her innocence, the stepmother turns to an old friend to clear her name – blind detective Duncan Maclain. The astute gumshoe is aided by his canine sidekick Friday, a dog able to open windows, uncover evidence and defend his master. The two follow a twisted trail of malice and deceit leading to ruthless conspirators perfectly willing to commit murder to achieve their ends.

Director: Fred Zinnemann

Writers: Baynard Kendrick (book), Guy Trosper (screenplay) and Howard Emmett Rogers (screenplay)

Stars: Edward Arnold, Ann Harding, Donna Reed, Stephen McNally