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Execution At County Jail

Execution At County Jail

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Short Films (2005) 18 minutes ~ Color

Prisoner #472903, just another anonymous, forgotten man on death row is about to meet his date with destiny. As a fierce lightning storm brews outside, a solemn Priest administers his last rights. The condemned man is escorted out of his holding cell, through a long corridor, to the awaiting electric chair. Strapped in tightly, the prisoner can only hope for a quick death. Just as the switch is pulled, a blackout occurs. An incredible chance. The prisoner takes advantage of the situation and, overpowering the guard, manages to escape. But where did he really escape to?...

Director: Todd Colby Pliss

Writers: David Dinatale, Todd Colby Pliss

Stars: David Dinatale, Bob Jay Mills, Todd Colby Pliss



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