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Evil Laugh

Evil Laugh

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Comedy / Horror (1986) 110 minutes ~ Color

A group of young medical students’ attempt to reopen an abandoned orphanage – shut down ten years before – when the custodian ran amuck and murdered the residents. The students, buddies from ‘way back’, are unaware of the horrible events that took place in the cursed house. A weekend of fun and games takes a sudden, ghoulish turn as the young people mysteriously start disappearing, In a horrifying sequence of events, a mysterious cloaked murderer dispatches the unwary students: by ax, in a microwave oven, with a knife and machete.

This Horror classic is one every true collector of macabre will want to own on DVD!

Director: Dominick Brascia

Writers: Steven Baio, Dominick Brascia

Stars: Steven Baio, Tony Griffin, Kim McKamy, Jody Gibson



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