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Even More Shorts For Cats

Even More Shorts For Cats

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Short Films (2009) 100 minutes ~ Color

Grab a catnip, your beloved feline, and enjoy the show.

Holding Me Over ~ Comedy (2006) 27 Minutes: Two friends escape corporate life to open a pretzel shop in rural Pennsylvania. Comedy ensues when they interview their potential, odd-ball employees.

The Delegate ~ Documentary (1972) 27 Minutes: The story of a 21 year-old female, California delegate, at a national political convention. The only film ever made about a convention delegate.

Please Kill Me ~ Drama (2006) 5 Minutes: Desperate to be with his departed wife, comatose Trevor Reynolds pleads for his daughter to cut him off, until a vision of death brings some unexpected news.

Need ~ Drama (2008) 33 Minutes: A biracial woman searches for life after she is traumatized sexually. She sacrifices her dignity to find it, but at night, she feeds her nightly sexual addiction.

The Dress! ~ Comedy/Drama (1984) 30 Minutes: Our world as seen from the perspective of a dress, makes us conscious about our faults and misdeeds.

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