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Escape In Time

Escape In Time

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Drama (2006) 95 minutes ~ Color

Hardly noticed at his job or in his small hometown, Jon is a recluse from society. Trapped in this prison of isolation, Jon begins to experience violent dreams of the life of infamous Alcatraz prisoner John Anglin, who remarkably escaped from the island fortress forty years ago. As Jon's dreams increase in frequency, the two men's lives intersect in a Dramatic climax where Jon must tear free from the bounds of fear and finally change his life.

Directors: River O'Mahoney Hagg, Gulliver Parascandolo

Writers: Ron Hagg (story), Max Lomax (screenplay), Gulliver Parascandolo (screenplay) and Ron Romanowic (screenplay)

Stars: Gary Sommers, Alexandra Gellner, Steve Hall


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