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Escape From Sobibor

Escape From Sobibor

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Drama (1987) 143 minutes ~ Color

The Sobibor Death Camp was the site of this heart-wrenching story set during World War II. The 600 Jewish laborers enslaved there longed to escape, but the camp commandant gave orders that for every prisoner that tried to escape, and equal number of those left behind would be executed. Knowing this, the prisoners will all have to escape together, or perish in Sobibor one by one.

Director: Jack Gold

Writer: Thomas 'Toivi' Blatt (manuscript "From the Ashes of Sobibor"), Richard Rashke (book), Reginald Rose (teleplay) and Stanislaw 'Shlomo' Szmajzner (book)

Stars: Rutger Hauer, Alan Arkin, Hartmut Becker, Joanna Pacula


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