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Escape From Hell Island

Escape From Hell Island

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Drama (1963) 80 minutes ~ Black & White

The plot concerns a Key West charter boat captain persuaded to help smuggle Cuban refugees to Florida. After picking up the refugees (including the stereotypical "beautiful young woman" and "jealous, psychotic husband,") the boat is chased by Cuban gunners. Returning to Key West, a classic love triangle develops. The husband promises the boat captain he'll give up his wife if only the captain will take him to Bermuda. Of course, this is merely his excuse to create an opportunity to murder the captain. On the way to Bermuda, a fight ensues between the two men and the captain goes overboard. But our hero won't be daunted­ after floating in the water for hours, he reboards the boat and kills the husband. At movie's end, the captain and beautiful wife return to Key West.

Director: Mark Stevens

Writers: Robert Sheckley (novel), T.L.P. Swicegood

Stars: Mark Stevens, Jack Donner and Linda Gaye Scott