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Erotic Daughters Of Emmanuelle

Erotic Daughters Of Emmanuelle

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Drama /Comedy (1974) 77 minutes ~ Color

Original Title: Le journal érotique d'un bûcheron

Alternate Title: Erotic Diary

Adult-film legend John Holmes makes an uncredited appearance in this erotic drama about a celebrated scientist who withdraws from society to establish an illicit sex commune. Frustrated by the prudent attitudes of his peers and determined to live life on his own terms, the brilliant scientist (Jacques Insermini) leads a lusty exodus into the countryside, where he and his sexually curious companions can explore their carnal desires without shame. Unfortunately, his son isn't nearly as free-spirited, and quickly sets out to beckon the old man back to the world he purposefully left behind. And his son isn't the only one seeking to rain on the sexy parade either--when the local police catch wind of the lewd and unlawful orgies, they dispatch their best undercover officers (Jean Luisi and Willeke van Ammelrooy) to lay down the law.

Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy

Writers: Jean-Marie Pallardy, Sophie Verdaud

Stars: Willeke van Ammelrooy, Georges Guéret and Jacques Insermini


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