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Equator: Reefs of The Riches

Equator: Reefs of The Riches

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Documentary (2009) 50 minutes ~ Color

<font size= "2" color= "red"><b> WINNER OF </font>

<font color="red"><b>Best Editing & Scripts- International Wildlife Film Festival 2007

<font color="red"><b> Best Cinematography- Wildlife Asia 2007 </font>

<font color= "red"><b> Best Education Documentary- New York Film Festival </font>

<font color= "red"><b> Special Jury Prize- Wild South Festival 2007 </font>

<font color= "red"><b> Best Photography and Best Sound </font>

This episode from the exquisitely filmed television series features lush underwater scenes shot among the coral reefs of the Indonesian archipelago, where the sun's heat and local ocean currents combine to form a unique aquatic environment. Sparkling with vivid marine hues, this program offers a study of the fascinating biological processes that make coral such a vibrant and crucial part of the ecosystem.

Stars: Peter Hayden (Narrator)



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