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Emanuelle: Queen of The Desert

Emanuelle: Queen of The Desert

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Action / Drama (2007) 94 minutes ~ Color

In this seductive action thriller, based on the novel "The Time of The Wild Beast" by Bruno Fontana, the sex goddess Emanuelle finds herself trapped in the middle of a brutal war between guerrilla factions in a mysterious desert. Just when you think it's hot enough, it gets hotter and hotter! This hypnotic beauty becomes the main focus of the war, as both sex-starved sides want to claim her as their "Helen of Troy." But Emmanuelle is no bubble-headed sex object. She turns the tables and uses her feminine charms to seduce the soldiers and gain the advantage! - Sex-starved soldiers want to claim her as their own!

Director: Bruno Fontana

Writer: Bruno Fontana

Stars: Angelo Infanti, Laura Gemser and Gabriele Tinti


Emanuelle, Queen Of The Desert by MVDfilm

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