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Elsa Fraulein SS

Elsa Fraulein SS

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Drama / Thriller (1977) 81 minutes ~ Color

Alternate Title: Captive Women 4

Elsa Fraulein SS takes place on a train filled with beautiful young women who have been ordered to service the men aboard; men being taken to help fight for the Nazis. Elsa, the leader, specializes in torturing those whose loyalty to the Nazi party comes into question. A group of brave Frenchman are planning to derail the train, while planning an attack that will strike back at the Third Reich.

Director: Patrice Rhomm

Writers: Patrice Rhomm (adaptation), Marius Lesoeur (adaptation) and Victor Hadria (concept)

Stars: Malisa Longo, Olivier Mathot and Patrizia Gori